Presentation & Writing Workshop



Fee: $250 for half day

Equipment: power point projector, DVD/VCR player, microphone (if in a large room)

                      For the writing workshop, students need pen and paper.

Contact: /

                 tel. Heather @ 416-265-1448


The presentation will be made up of some or all of the following components depending on student interest and age based on the teacher/librarian's recommendations.


Audience: Elementary: Focus is on life and work of Bernice Thurman Hunter || Secondary: focus is on Ravi's Revenge and Girls They Left Behind

The presentation will be adapted to the grade level and attention span. It is recommended that the students have read at least one book by the author.


Power point presentation: 42 slides with my narration describing Bernice's life as a child and as an author. A short synopsis of each book is given along with cover photos giving insights into her works and her writing process. (25 minutes)


DVD or Video: A 20 minute "Meet the Author" film produced in 1987 by Mead Educational Ltd. made up of 92 still frames, narrated by Bernice Thurman Hunter, discussing her Booky novels, The Margaret Trilogy and Lamplighter as well as her personal feelings on writing.


A Reading: a five to seven minute reading from one of her novels (which was not read in class) or a short story.


Question Period: I will answer questions on Bernice Thurman Hunter's life and work, giving both her and my own perspective on the writing process and profession. Students could have questions prepared in advance (after reading her novel).


Writer's Workshop:


Using a short, short story by Bernice Thurman Hunter as a model, students will read and answer questions that develop their own personal short stories. An activity sheet will be provided with brainstorming questions to be answered in writing by the students. I will 'take up' their answers to the questions orally after a short work period. The finished stories may be mailed to me, and I will judge them and award a book prize for the 3 best stories.


Draw: To end the session, students will place their names into a box and a name will be drawn for a book prize. The winner will get to pick one book of his or her choosing. As well, books may be purchased at this time. (I will sign copies of Kimberley of Millpond, The Girls They Left Behind and Ravi's Revenge.)