Published Works by Bernice Thurman Hunter


That Scatterbrain Booky, 1981,         Scholastic Canada

With Love from Booky, 1983             Scholastic Canada

A Place for Margaret, 1984               Scholastic Canada

As Ever, Booky, 1985                         Scholastic Canada

Margaret in the Middle, 1986             Scholastic Canada

Lamplighter, 1987, re-issued 2000  Scholastic Canada

Margaret on Her Way, 1988              Scholastic Canada

The Railroader, 1990                         Scholastic Canada

The Firefighter, 1991                        Scholastic Canada

Hawk and Stretch, 1993                  Scholastic Canada

Amy’s Promise, 1996                        Scholastic Canada

Janey’s Choice, 1997                        Scholastic Canada

Booky: A Trilogy (a collection of the three Booky books, and one short story), 1998                             Scholastic Canada

Two Much Alike, 1999                     Scholastic Canada

The Runaway, 2001                          Scholastic Canada

It Takes Two, 2002                          Scholastic Canada

The Girls They Left Behind, 2005    Fitzhenry & Whiteside

The Margaret Trilogy (a collection of the three Margaret books), 2006                                                   Scholastic Canada

That Scatterbrain Booky, re-issued Fall 2008     Scholastic Canada

With Love From Booky, re-issued Spring 2009    Scholastic Canada

As Ever Booky, re-issued Fall  2009       Scholastic Canada

Kimberley of Millpond, Spring 2010,



ISBN NUMBERS for (Novels, Stories, Excerpts)

That Scatterbrain Booky           ISBN 0-590-71082-6 Scholastic Ca.

With Love From Booky              ISBN      0-590-71547-X

As Ever Booky                     ISBN      0-590-71547-X

A Place For Margaret              ISBN      0-590-73665-5

Margaret In The Middle            ISBN      0-590-73666-3

Margaret On Her Way               ISBN      0-590-73667-1

Lamplighter                       ISBN      0-590-71373-6

The Railroader                    ISBN      0-590-73421-0

The Firefighter                   ISBN      0-590-74051-2

Hawk And Stretch                  ISBN      0-590-74814-9

Amy's Promise                     ISBN      0-590-24621-6

Janey's Choice                    ISBN      0-590-12497-8

Two Much Alike               ISBN      0-590-24844-8

It Takes Two                 ISBN      0-7791-1389-6

The Runaway                  ISBN      0-439-98895-0         

The Girls They Left Behind   ISBN      1-55041-927-7

Kimberley of Millpond        ISBN      978-0-9865113-0-1     



"The Skaters"             ISBN   0-19-540399-1

"Chrissy"                 ISBN   0-919676-23-5

"The Family Album"  (Four Story Retrospective) ISBN   0-17-602004-

"Katie's Promise"         ISBN   0-17-602002-0

"The Heirloom"            ISBN   0-03-920023-X


Excerpts and Articles

"A Place For Margaret"    ISBN   0-03-921903-8

"Tea And Advice"          ISBN   0-7702-1226-3

"My Hero"                 ISBN   0-590-71599-2

"White Smock"             ISBN   ISSN-0713-6331

"Getting Started" (Writers On Writing) 0-7172-2393-0

"Sonja Dunn: Storyteller Extraordinaire" Can. Children's Lit.

"Everybody's Favourites" Arlene Perly Rae ISBN 0-670-87080-3




As Ever, Booky                             Sweden (Wahlstroms)

As Ever, Booky                             Denmark (Carlsen)

Margaret in the Middle                Norway (Stabenfeldt)

Margaret in the Middle                Sweden (Stabenfeldt)

 A Place for Margaret                   Norway (Stabenfeldt)

 A Place for Margaret                   Denmark (Gyldendal)

 A Place for Margaret                   Sweden (Stabenfeldt)

 A Place for Margaret                   French (Heritage)

 That Scatterbrain Booky              Sweden (Wahlstroms)

 That Scatterbrain Booky              Denmark (Carlsen)

 With Love From Booky                Sweden (Wahlstroms)

 With Love From Booky                Denmark (Carlsen)